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Mit grnek? (What they promise) was first launched by 12 economists as a non-partizan non-profit project to analyse the party programmes during the run up to the Hungarian parliamentary elections of April 2010.

The aim is to evaluate the programme of the parties without bias, focusing specifically on how targeted and well-grounded these are and whether the parties could be made accountable for the promises they make.

In 2014, we focus on parties that have at least one member holding a seat in the current Hungarian Parliament: these include Fidesz-KDNP, Jobbik, LMP, MSZP, and Egytt-PM.

In 2010, the focus was on the parties that reached 5% or more at the European Parliamentary Elections, namely centre-right Fidesz-KDNP, Socialist MSZP, far-right Jobbik and centre-right MDF).

We hope the project will contribute to raising the general quality of political and policy debates during the elections - and beyond.

Thanks to, a detailed summary of the project and its first results in 2010 were made available in English as well.

Some of the analysis has been also published by, the media sponsor of the project.




Mit igrnek?
Mit igrnek?